How To Overcome Camera Shyness - Start Making Videos and Watch Your Income Soar

Public speaking.   Heights.  Flying.  Camera shyness.  All four fears can hurt your career.  This article will cure your camera shyness so that you can get started making videos.

Let's face it... we're becoming a video based society.  People don't want to read anymore.  They want to listen. And to watch.  And if you're not using video in your marketing, well, let's just say that you're missing the boat.  You still have the opportunity to hop on but you better get moving because the boat is leaving the dock.  But my guess is that you already know you should be creating videos to promote your business, right?  

But what if you're shy in front of the camera?    

I'm going to give the secrets to make great videos and overcome your fears once and for all.

If you get one major takeaway from this, let it be this... Practice.   It's the single best way to overcome your fear.  But let's cover some of the other little known techniques that will make this process easier for you.

1. Try this - instead of speaking directly to the camera, try some of these other methods.  The first method is to have the camera film you not directly from the front but from an angle as if you are speaking to someone in the room with you.  Let me give you an excellent example of this technique.  I came across this video a few years ago and I had no problem remembering who it was.  Now that's GREAT marketing.  If 3 or 4 years pass and you still remember watching a video, go watch it again!  Because there are lessons to be learned there.  That's the key after all, isn't it?  To make a memorable video?

Take a look at this video from the CEO of Exit Realty, Steve Morris.  You will see him use this method of not looking directly at the camera.  Now, he has some awesome production in the video... stills and action shots.  But he never speaks directly to the camera.  Tell me if you don't think this is a very  POWERFUL video. 

This is just a short clip so that you get the idea. If you want to watch the rest of this extremely well made video, it;s right here -

Another key advantage of this technique is that by not looking at the camera directly, you don't have to memorize any lines!  And you won't look as if you are reading off cue cards.  You can feel free to read your lines and your viewers will never know it. 

2. Another great way to overcome camera shyness is by interviewing.  Who should you interview?  How about a satisfied customer?  Or what if you interviewed local business owners in your market area and recorded them?  Think about it... wouldn't that make a phenomenal marketing campaign?  The viewer's attention is focused on the person you are interviewing rather than on yourself.  So that makes it easier to be in front of the camera.   But what a promotional opportunity!  You would be meeting business owners, you would be helping to promote their businesses and you would be giving potential customers an opportunity to get to know you all at the same time.  If you decide to pursue this strategy, please contact me and let me know how things are going for you.

3.  Whether you are looking directly at the camera or not, or if you are interviewing, remember to speak  clearly and most importantly don't move your head a lot.  I have a problem with this, probably my New York upbringing but if your head moves around a lot in a video it's very distracting to the viewer.  I'm always having to remind myself to keep my head still.   Also, don't interrupt your interviewee.  Look at them while he/she is speaking and while asking a question but remember that you also need to occasionally glance at the camera. This helps to maintain viewer attention. 

4. Don't over-analyze how you look or sound!  Remember the first time you heard yourself on a recording?  Remember thinking how awful you sounded?  But if you kept making sound recordings you got used to it.  Because after all... you do sound like that.  You only sound different inside your head.  So if you act natural in front of the camera, your personality will come through. And you want that.  (Hopefully, you have a good personality!)  When you're interviewing just focus on having an interesting conversation - the rest will fall into place.

5. Get someone to film you.  There are so many videos on the web where the person is in front of a webcam or a mounted camera and most of them are utterly forgettable. If you want to create a series of tips filmed in short clips, its fine to use a webcam.  But if you're going to speak for more than a minute, don't do a talking head video.  People want to see action, or at the very least some varying camera angles.   A live cameraman is key.  You'll also find it more natural talking to the cameraman rather than trying to talk to a camera.  You'll wind up making better eye contact with your audience and your facial expressions will look more natural. 

6.  Start off by making short videos.  Here's what usually happens to people that start creating videos. They initially don't think they have all that much to say, that they don’t have a lot of material.  But once they start talking, they tend to ramble on thinking that the more they say, the better. But longer videos are more difficult to make because you need to remain poised for much longer, plus you'll have to remember a lot more.  Creating short, to the point videos is not only much easier, its what viewers want.  If your subject matter can't be said in less than a few minutes, figure out a way to break the video up into segments. 

7.  Don't forget... there's always editing!  When you create your first video you'll make mistakes.  Don't stop!  Just keep talking.  Ideally, try to restart from the point where you made the mistake and just start speaking from that point, the mistake can be edited out and you won't lose anything.  You'll also be able to add transition slides to fill in any spots that seem awkward. 

8.  Practice makes 'almost' perfect. I say 'almost' because in video, there is no perfection. You do the best you can do and that will be better than what you're doing now. Just keep trying. You will get better with practice, I promise you. And the sooner you get started, the sooner you will overcome your camera shyness.  Video marketing is without a doubt, the most important form of media today. You have potential customers browsing around the web looking for answers to problems. The sooner they find you, the better for them and for you.

Here's a little story that should help you get started. One day I came a across a video of a guy that I won't name because I don't want to embarrass him.  I began watching a video of his and started laughing.  This guy was comical.  But the thing is, he wasn't trying to be funny!  He just looked and acted so ridiculously that it made me laugh.  I remember thinking... who would ever do business with this guy?  Well, fast forward a few months.  Turns out a great friend of mine knows this guy personally.  I made a comment about how ridiculous his videos are.  Guess what?  My friend told me the dude brings in over $200,000 a  year promoting products on the web!  With nothing but videos!  Over $200,000.  And here I thought the guy was an idiot!

Don’t let camera shyness get in the way of the biggest business opportunities you have.

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